Strategy & Governance

1. Security Strategy and Roadmap

Technology rapid changes (IoT, Cloud, Mobile Computing, Cryptocurrencies, Quantum Computing), increasing exposure factors, customers growing demands, and working from anywhere are some risk factors challenging organizations. Enterprises have no option but to accept the new reality and put their existence and reputation at risk or take a proactive security approach by thinking ahead of curves and developing a sustainable and risk-based strategy for their organization. Now we know that cyber/information security is not just an IT and security team issue; it’s the business and organization’s concern. It needs the attention of all employees, managers, partners, contractors, and third parties.

Cybermatic can help you on this journey at any stage to ensure you have a robust security strategy/roadmap tailored to your business goals, compliance requirements, and stakeholders’ demands. Decades of industry knowledge and experience consulting private and government entities across Canada and abroad give us the confidence to be your strategic partner, helping you focus on your business growth and take a controlled-risk approach to your decisions.
Cybermatic team of SMEs and industry leaders can provide you with the below services, individually or combined, to address and cover the gaps in your security strategy:

  • Security Risk Assessment: Conduct a Security Risk Assessment based on your business objective, stakeholders’ security requirements, and compliance obligations. [Service 15]
  • Security Goals and Objectives: Setting Security goals and objectives to manage and maintain the identified risks below your organization’s acceptable security risk.
  • Security Framework and Standard: Consulting and helping your organization adopt a proper security framework and standard based on your business mandates. [Service 17]
  • Technology and Solution Evaluation: Evaluating the organization’s IT technologies/solutions and finding the security control gaps based on the adopted security framework/standards.
  • Policy Development: Develop security policies, procedures, and processes to fulfill your organization’s security strategy/roadmap. [Service 5]