Strategy & Governance

4. Metrics and Measurements

Security controls are not always performing based on what we are expecting. Technologies are evolving daily, and organization security posture and exposure are not stable and constant factors. The way companies are running their business also has changed, and industry requirements updates are not exceptions. Moreover, local and international rules and regulations are imposing more mandates and constantly are under review and updated.
These criteria leave the organizations with no option except to implement repeatable measurement processes to constantly monitor and assess their company security countermeasures and compare with the updated KPIs and KRIs baselines.

Cybermatic team of professionals has been working with enterprise organizations helping them to develop customized metrics meaningful to their business and implement the required processes and procedures to ensure the company stakeholder assurance of security control design and operating efficiency and effectiveness. We can help you on this journey by providing the below services:

  • Metrics Standard: Helping your organization to adopt a measurement standard to cover your security requirements and follow your compliance obligations.
  • Metrics Development: Defining and developing SMART* security metrics tailored to your security needs and security standard requirements. We will help you to implement the required measurement life cycle. That includes Metrics templates, Goals, Formula, Target, Data Collection Frequency, Data Source, and Reporting.
  • Metrics Assessment: Evaluate and assess your current metrics and measurements to ensure your security controls still are meaningful and aligned with your security objectives.

* SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-Bound