Security Management

17. Security Framework and Standard

You as an organization must think of all possible entry points and data exposure scenarios to be able to manage your cyber risks and keep them at an acceptable level defined by your company. On the other hand, the bad actors need to only find a small security hole in your network, suppliers, or your staff to bypass all of your countermeasures and access your data. Therefore, implementing and investing in only certain security controls and leaving other areas unprotected wouldn’t help you to assure your stakeholder of the security of your network and data. You need to have a holistic approach to security and risk management following the best practices and of course, meaning full to your line of business. That’s the area security frameworks and standards can help you out.
the good news is, that there are very solid and robust security frameworks in the market that based on your business you can adapt and customize for your organization. Some of these frameworks that many companies are following or got the certifications are as below:

  • NIST Cybersecurity Framework
  • SANS Cybersecurity Standard
  • COBIT Framework
  • ISO Information Security Management System (ISMS)

Cybermatic has been working with organizations in different sectors and helped them to manage their cyber risks by adopting a proper security framework and implementing all the required controls. We can help your company no matter where you are on this journey by providing you with the below services:

  • Security Framework Selection: Whether you want to follow ISO, NIST, SANS, COBIT, or any specific security framework relevant to your business or geographics, we are here to help you to select a framework suitable for your business.
  • Security Framework Readiness Assessment: We can assess your controls and find all the gaps compared to the security framework you adopted and help you to address those gaps to achieve the certificate.
  • Security Control Development: Based on the security framework of your organization and the requirement of the standard we can help you to define and control properly and assess the effectiveness and efficiency of the process.