Strategy & Governance

6. Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC)

It is important to remember that organizations have been governed, and risk and compliance have been managed, for a long time — in this way, GRC is nothing new. However, many had not approached these activities in a mature way, nor have these efforts supported each other to enhance the reliability of achieving organizational objectives. OCEG*, a nonprofit think tank that introduced the GRC term for the first time, defines GRC as below:
“GRC is the integrated collection of capabilities that enable an organization to reliably achieve objectives, address uncertainty, and act with integrity.”
Governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) refer to an organization’s strategy for handling the interdependencies between the following three components:

  • Corporate governance policies.
  • Enterprise Risk Management programs.
  • Regulatory and company compliance.

Cybermatic can help you on this journey at any stage to ensure you have a robust security strategy/roadmap tailored to your business goals, compliance requirements, and stakeholders’ demands. Decades of industry knowledge and experience consulting private and government entities across Canada and abroad give us the confidence to be your strategic partner, helping you focus on your business growth and take a controlled-risk approach to your decisions.
Cybermatic team of SMEs and industry leaders can provide you with the below services, individually or combined, to address and cover the gaps in your security strategy:

  • GRC Tool Selection: Helping your organization to evaluate and select a GRC tool that fits well with your existing practice and improves your GRC effectiveness and efficiency.
  • GRC Transition: Consulting your GRC team to successfully do the transition of your current GRC practice to the new GRC solution and developing the required procedures and processes.
  • IT Risk Management: Providing IT Risk Management services to your risk management team, augmenting your current capabilities, and helping your team to cover the IT security gaps to be aligned with the GRC standard smoothly.
  • Regulatory Advisory: Providing regulatory gap analyses and readiness assessments to ensure compliance with all local, international, industry, and government IT security rules and regulations.
  • Security Governance Advisory: Helping and consulting your organization to be prepared for security standard and framework that suits your organization’s needs and help your GRC requirements to be fulfilled.